The uOttawa Schedule Generator – Generate schedules for your upcoming school year

I found this cool tool that uOttawa students can use to plan out their schedule before choosing their courses.

Written by David Schlachter for his introduction to software engineering course, it is a very useful program that helps students to optimize their schedule. It has helped me tremendously and I think other uOttawa students can benefit from this too.

A quick tour

Picking courses

The first step is to select the semester which you are selecting courses for. Then type in the course codes and pick the courses you want.


Modifying times

You may want to modify the time slots that are selected when the program generates your schedule. To do that, double click on a course that you want to modify and select or deselect check boxes to include or exclude the times.


Generating schedules and fine tuning

Lastly, when everything is good to go, select the generate schedule button and generate your schedules. If you haven’t specified your options enough, you can have over 1000 possibilities. Continue to edit your preferences to bring that number down.

You can also sort the schedules by a particular characteristic. The characteristics are the length of the days, when you start your day, when you end your day and the number of days you want to be at school per week.


Ready to start generating your schedule? The program can be downloaded on the creator’s GitHub with more in-depth instructions!

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