3 Python Projects for Beginners

Python is a popular programming language whose syntax is praised for being easy to read. With its ever growing flexibility and large community, Python is easy to learn and has a lot of potential. That being said, what are some projects you could try? Here are 3 that are good for beginners.

Although I am currently not a Python pro, these projects have helped me get a better grasp of the programming language and its concepts.

  1. Guess the number game

The game works like this: The computer picks a random number from a defined range and you must guess it. With each incorrect guess, the computer will tell you if your guess is too high, too low, or just right. You keep guessing until you correctly guess the number However, you only have a limited number of guesses and if you run out, you lose.

The project relies on the random module, conditionals and loops. The random module is what allows the computer to pick a number, conditionals check and evaluate your guess and loops will keep you guessing until either you get the correct number or you run out of guesses.

With a game with simple rules, programming this is not too complex. Here is an example exercise you can look at along with its solution.

  1. Arithmetic Quiz Generator

Suppose you are designing a software for elementary school children to practice their arithmetic. You might want to avoid printing the assignments as that can be costly and instead want to program it so that it is available to use at any time. This is where you can create your own arithmetic quiz generator.

This project requires the random module, input function, conditionals, loops, and some algorithms. The random module generates the questions, the input function allows the student to select options and input their answers, conditionals will check their answers and loops will allow the program to continuously run and algorithms to generate questions, answers, and calculate the student’s score.

In the end, you might end up with a program that flows like this:

  • A menu
  • The quiz
  • Final results

You can focus on only one operation or offer several others at once. The project will require some details but it is doable for someone who is learning Python overall!

Here is an example of one that I made.

  1. Grade Calculator

You’re further into your semester where you are wondering how you are doing. Your course syllabus presents a grading scheme that involves weighted grades and therefore, your final grade is determined unequally. A grade calculator can help determine what your current grade is given the grades of your assignments and tests that you have done and their weights.

The project simply involves the input function and some algorithms for the most part. It is a very simple project but you can make it as complex as you want.

Here is a simple example of the program where the individual grades are of equal weight and the final grade is the average of the sum of these grade.

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